Monday, June 20, 2011

A memorable week!!

Last week was perhaps one of the most wonderful week of my life. I never thought that all the things that happened to me this last week, will ever happen to me (although I sure dreamt of them).

First of all, Tomboy 1.7 was released earlier this week, this release had one of my patches, and the Tomboy developers mentioned my name in the ChangeLog [1].

The next day, I updated my Tomboy from 1.6 to 1.7.1 and to the greatest of my surprises, I saw my name in the list of contributors to Tomboy. It's really a great feeling to see your name in the list of contributors of a software that you yourself love and use.

But the week just didn't end there, one more surprise was waiting for me. Famous Ubuntu developer Daniel Holbach contacted me for an interview. He told me that he is starting a series of weekly interviews with new contributors to Ubuntu Development, and he would like to start with me. I couldn't have asked anything more :-) The interview was published on OMG! Ubuntu [2]and ubuntu-news. [3]

For my little contributions to Ubuntu and Tomboy, this is more than I even dreamt of getting in return. I am grateful to the Tomboy devs, Daniel Holbach and everyone else around me who encouraged me all throughout this. I hope a lot many other people get encouraged by this, it's very easy to start contributing and you learn as you go.

[1]: Tomboy 1.7 release note and changelog
[2]: The interview on OMG! Ubuntu
[3]: The interview on

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