Monday, May 2, 2011

The Start of a Dream

I know I've been very late in posting this blog entry, but nevertheless I am here. So finally my proposal for The NetBSD Foundation has been accepted as part of Google Summer of Code 2011[1]. I am in an extremely excited and elated state of mind since the time I got to hear this news. I must say this is an all time high point of my student life. When I posted this news on Facebook, Kinshuk Sunil pointed out that "it is not a dream come true, but the start of a dream" and it really is a start of a dream for me. I am more positive and confident than ever.

I had set this as a target for me to become an open source contributor and participate in Summer of Code. It took me a lot of hard work and time to achieve this but it's worth it. I wanted to participate even during the previous years of SoC but to be honest, I didn't have enough courage and guidance around me to be able to do it. 

And more than anything else, I am very happy to make my parents proud after so many years of constant hard work they have put and sacrifices they have made to send me to school to chase my dream of becoming a software developer. I hope it's the first of many more proud moments that I will be giving to them in the future.

I must thank all the mentors and admins of The NetBSD Foundation as they have been very kind and helpful, usually it's very hard for someone like me who has very little experience with a BSD operating system to be accepted, but they showed trust and confidence in me. This will encourage me to make extra efforts to make this project successful and become a long time contributor.

I will write more about my project and NetBSD in the upcoming blog posts. So wait for it... :)


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