Saturday, November 14, 2009

Next generation web protocol

The web experience in today's time is good but Google is working on to make it even better!!! They are developing a new protocol for the web called "SPDY" (pronounced spEEdy). They boast that this protocol would make the web exprience as smooth as turning the pages of your book.

It is an application layer protocol and would work on top of the existing WWW protocol HTTP. It would introduce many optimizations to improve the interaction time between the client and server. Some of the optimzations would be multiplexed streams, request prioritization and http header compression.

According to the Googlers who are working on this project, they have tested the protocol in their labs and the response time of top 25 websites was 55% faster than the normal http based response time.

This seems to be a promising future of the web standards, hopefully soon we will be developing our web applications based on spdy.

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